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Career Guidance


1.    Which of the following deals with the provision of adequate & suitable washing facilities?
(a)  Sec 18(c) of Contract Labour Act
(b)  Sec 42 of Factories Act
(c)  Both (a) & (b)*
(d)  Sec 10-A of ID Act
2.    Under Factories Act, the number of first aid boxes must not be less than one for every------workers.
(a) 50                            (b) 75
(c) 100                          (d) 150*
3.    Under Factories Act, there must be a provision of an ambulance room where there are more than — — workers.
(a) 250                          (b) 500*
(c) 1000                        (d) 1500
4.    Every factory employing ------ workers must provide suitable shelters & a lunch room.
(a) More than 50          (b) More than 100
(c) More than 150*      (d) More than 200
5.    In case of mines, provision for shelters is must where------workers are employed.
(a) More than 50*        (b) More than 100 (c) More than 150       (d) More than 200
6.    Under Factories Act, there must be a provision of a canteen wherein more than------workers are employed.
(a) 150                          (b) 250*
(c) 350                          (d) 450 _
7.    Under Factories Act, there must be a provision of a creche wherein more than------women workers are employed.
(a) 10                            (b) 20
(c) 30*                           (d) 40
8.   ------ of a factory means the person who has ultimate control over the affairs of the factory.
(a) Occupier*                (b) Manager
(c) Employer                 (d) Inspector
9.    Cleanliness, disposal of wastes & effluents, lighting etc. are------provisions.
(a) Health*                    (b) Safety
(c) Welfare                    (d) All of these
10.    Fencing of machinery, casing of new machinery, devices for cutting off power etc. are------ provisions.
(a) Health                      (b) Safety*
(c) Welfare                    (d) All of these
11.    Precautions against dangerous fumes, explosive or inflammable dust, gas etc. are------provisions.
(a) Health                      (b) Safety*
(c) Welfare                    (d) All of these
12.    Facilities for sitting, washing, storing & drying clothing etc. are------provisions.
(a) Health                      (b) Safety
(c) Welfare*                  (d) All of these
13.    The occupier of every factory involving a hazardous process shall disclose all information regarding dangers etc. to
(a)  Workers employed in the factory
(b)  Chief inspector
(c)  Local authority & general public in vicinity
(d)  All of these*
14.    To avoid overcrowding in factories------ m3 of space per worker is required.
(a) 14.0                         (b) 14.1
(c) 14.2*                        (d) 14.3
15.     For more than------workers in a factory, provision of cooling of drinking water shall be made.
(a) 200                          (b) 250*
(c) 300                          (d) 350
16.    A safety officer is required for------or more workers in a factory.
(a) 500                          (b) 1000*
(c) 1500                        (d) 2000
17.    One first-aid box in a factory shall be provided for every------workers.
(a) 50                            (b) 100
(c) 120                          (d) 150*
18.    One ambulance room in a factory shall be provided employing more than------ workers.
(a) 250                          (b) 500*
(c) 1000                        (d) 1500
19.    There should be a provision for canteen in a factory employing more than------workers.
(a) 150                          (b) 200
(c) 250*                         (d) 300
20.    There should be a provision for shelters, rest rooms, lunchrooms in factories employing more than------workers.
(a) 50                            (b) 100
(c) 150*                         (d) 200
21.    There should be a provision for creches in factories employing more than------women workers.
(a) 10                            (b) 20
(c) 30*                           (d) 50

Guidelines for Government jobs

First of all, decide that which field u intend to join because Government Jobs differs in categories such as administration, accounts, procurement, lecturer, engineering, doctors, transport, paramedical and much more etc. Above fields are mentioned just to get an idea. Your existing qualification can be helpful to determine that which field is suitable for you e.g MBA holder mostly prefer to join Accounts. Once you get a final decision regarding your intended/suitable field then go and appear in test even without preparation only to have an idea of test pattern. There are number of sectors in which you can go for the government job. So, the first thing is your wish and your interest as well as your Skills. And as you said you are doing master degree after Engineering so i do believe that you could be applicable for all kind of Government jobs. But the main thing is your interest, i would rather recommend you to go for what you like.

After two or three attempts, you will completely be in picture about test patter, then start preparation accordingly. If test of your concerned post is mostly related to your academic subject, of course you have to study hard relevant subjects to compete. If test is mix up of English, math, general knowledge, then explore these books and go ahead.

Government job is a dream and aim for all people because it is only gives secure for one .Getting Government job is not a easy task it needs lot of dedication and preparation.First you have to decide which services you want to join state or central .Preparing for state services is better than for central ,there will be a SERVICE commission led by Government for the recruitment of jobs in Government services.Comepitetive examination in various sections such as Indian history economy state history state economy current affaires general knowledge general english will be conducted you should prepare all these sections well and should perform well in that examination  so, there are number of opportunities for you to get the government jobs, you must be update with employment news and all that will be useful for you. There are numbers of jobs for all but matter is you deserve it or not because for all kind of government job there are number of procedure to follow. You just prepare yourself to crack the competitions because there is a big competition for all government jobs.

Printing Technology Career Options
Print communication is one of the strongest and powerful media of mass communication which is growing very rapidly. Books, newspapers and magazines come to mind most often when people think about printed products. Everyone is familiar with such products. Print is power. According to famous saying “book lives longer than author himself” and “book is an indispensable document in its own field” also establishes the important of print.

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